I had to try something new. 
— Ferruccio Lamborghini

Are you ready for the all-new Supercar Show OC? The Newport Beach Automotive Group has been bringing the newest of luxury sports car innovation to the crowds of Orange County for more than six years, and this summer it’s only going to get better! Join us every first Saturday of the month as we bring to you the latest from Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, and McLaren. Ferruccio Lamborghini couldn’t have said it better when he said “I had to try something new.” Each manufacturer that we have the pleasure of representing is looking for the next big thing in automotive innovation, like Lamborghini and the Super Sport Utility Vehicle, and Koenigesgg breaking the world’s fastest land record in a production vehicle with street tires. It is their passions that drive us to put on the show.


This summer be sure to following along with our new instagram account @SupercarShowOC for updates like confirmed vehicles, celebrity and influencer appearances, and more! Not to mention our events that are already on the calendar like the May Racing for Summer show, June’s Porsche Pitstop, Ford of July celebration where we will be featuring Ford GTs, and the August 200MPH club where we plan to gather as many hyper cars as possible just before the annual Monterey Car Week. But that’s not all! We want the fans to get involved. Each month after the show we will be selecting a “Feature Car Spotter” of the month. Make sure you’re following and tagging @SupercarShowOC in all your posts for your chance to be featured on the website.