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Summer has arrived not to mention, the month of August. Known around the world for the Monterey Car Week, Supercar Show OC decided to celebrate in their own way.  At the monthly car show held every first Saturday of the month, August was for cars a part of the 200MPH club! Among the vehicles that were capable of more than 200mph, were a few special hyper cars and limited production runs that guests might never have the chance to see anywhere else.


Kicking off the month filled where the most amazing and rare vehicles gathered in one place in the United States, Newport Beach Automotive Group invited supercar owners from all over to display their hyper cars in a welcoming and respectful car community.  And from the invitation, the lineup was out of this world! The feature wall displayed the best of McLaren and Lamobrghini, with the all-new Huracan Evo and Aventador S featuring the latest carbon fiber body kit offered by Lamborghini, as well as the all-new McLaren GT, a P1, the 720S Spider, and of course the track beast, 600LT.  But that’s not all! Also on display front and center was the 1 of 14 Maserati Sciadipersia Cabriolet. You can read more about this grand touring vehicle based on the Maserati Gran Turismo and refined for the utmost luxurious experience, by clicking HERE.


While the feature wall was packed, the surrounding area also included show stopping vehicles. On either side of the display car fans were able to get up close and personal with the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato, and the all new Ford GT.  Making our way over to the hyper car section, you might have frozen in your tracks seeing all the Bugatti, McLarens and Koenigsegg. Attendees were stunned by five Bugatti’s including an all exposed blue carbon fiber weave of the Chiron, sitting next to the shining white Chiron Skyview and all black Chiron Sport, that was next to a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, the world’s first hyper car!  Also in the hyper section were a few Agera RS and FE’s better known as Draken, Thor, and Vader as well as the Trevita followed by an array of Sennas.


With all those cars in attendance, were a lot of super car owners and a packed VIP lounge! So if you didn’t make it into the lounge, you might be wondering what was on display inside. While enjoying the breakfast lite bites guests could take a walk through a spectacular display of the current available product range from Lamborghini Newport Beach.  Sitting on the platform was the all-new Huracan Evo in Yellow, and throughout the showroom was the Urus, Huracan Spyder, Aventador Pirelli Edition, and Performante Spyder. All uniquely Lamborghini.

If you are interested in learning more about our monthly gathering be sure to check out SupercarShowOC.com and follow us on social media like Instagram and Facebook.  From those outlets you will be able to see upcoming show dates, register your vehicle, and look at past events! If interested in purchasing a vehicle, set up an appointment today to  come to the showroom. Our product specialists are available seven days a week and can be reached at (877) 858-9504 or sales@LamboNB.com.

Danielle Penberthy