Another Supercar Show OC has come and gone, but this month was special. Every year on July Fourth the United States celebrates independence and to honor such a momentous holiday Newport Beach Automotive Group found their own way to honor independence.  At the Ford of July event this month fans and car owners were able to check out the history of the Ford GT. 

While Ford is commonly recognized as an everyday vehicle such as sedans and SUVs, many often forget their deep rooted history in racing and performance vehicles.  While many call it the “24 Hour War” between Ferrari and Ford in 1966, that Le Mans the first ever win for Ford as well as the first ever Le Mans won by an American Manufacturer. To celebrate fans could find many examples of the Ford GT including a few 1960s Ford GT 40’s, named for being just 40 inches from the ground to the top of the vehicle! But that’s not all that was astonishing about this car and this race. The final standings was a 1-2-3 for Ford, all winners were behind the wheel of the Ford GT 40, and one winner is a familiar name to the Newport Beach Automotive Group; Bruce McLaren.  In car #2 in 1966 Bruce McLaren took home second place at Le Mans with Ford, a man that went on to develop his own race team and cars that have now evolved into the road cars we all love and enjoy.

Among the Ford GT’s on display at Supercar Show OC this month, fans were able to enjoy a mix of modern and classic examples.  A crowd favorite though was a 1967 Ford GT with a Gulf racing livery and an actual Ford GT40 race car front and center. Also on the wall was a mix of 1960s and the early 2000’s production model that came back for a short period of time along with a Shelby Cobra.  While Shelby Cobras are open wheel vehicles their development and aerodynamics directly affected the development of the Ford GT 40, because Carol Shelby was brought onto the 1966 Le Mans engineering team by Henry Ford and helped bring them to victory! So thank you to all the Ford GT owners that made their way out to Supercar Show OC this month and celebrating a piece of American history and automotive passion with everyone. 
We also want to thank our amazing customers and supercar owners for making it out! Among the exotic vehicles, car fans could find just about anything under the sun on display.  In the hypercar section, McLaren took over with two Sennas, a P1, and the very unique McLaren 688 HS. Also on display for the hypercars was an all exposed blue carbon fiber Bugatti Chiron, and a Porsche Carrera GT.  The currently available Lamborghini LM002 also made its way out to the show along with a custom Lamborghini Gallardo and NSX that can all be seen on Supercar Show OC Instagram! Next month on August 3rd, we invite you all to join us again for the 200 MPH Club edition of Supercar Show OC! To register your supercar or hypercar please visit HERE. Interested in purchasing a new supercar before the next event? Please reach out to our Lamborghini product specialists today by emailing

Danielle Penberthy