The monthly car show, recently named Supercar Show OC has come and gone the month of June with a Porsche Pitstop. Did you happen to stop by to see the Martini Racing livery on a Porsche 918? Or what about the two Porsche GT3R race cars from GMG Racing? Not to mention a sea of the all-new Lamborghini Huracan Evo and much more!

Supercar Show OC kicked the month off strong on the first of June.  While the show was themed Porsche Pitstop, Lamborghini owners out number any other brand! On display for all to see were six examples of the latest Lamborghini Huracan Evo backed by two of the brand’s Super Sport Utility Vehicle, Urus.  From clients we saw the all-new Aventador SVJ a Vorsteiner built Huracan, and even the famous YouTuber Damon Fryer of Daily Driver Exotics brought out his all-new Huracan build; a car with an ear piercing exhaust capable of waking anyone up at 9 in the morning.  Also there to welcome the fans in the early morning was a display of Lamborghini heritage. Representing the 1980s and 90s, Supercar Show OC was proud to have the Lamborghini Countach and Diablo along side the modern cars to show how the brand has truly evolved!

Also found outside among the vehicles, McLaren Newport Beach had on display the latest from McLaren Automotive including the 720S Spider as well as the 600LT and 600LT Spider. From the supercar owners we saw a 720S with a wrap resembling a Gulf livery and all the generations of models since the MP4-12C. But outside isn’t the only place to find automotive innovation.  All registers supercar owners were welcomed into the showroom for a light breakfast of pastries and coffee to enjoy over conversation with new and old friends and supercar owners. While enjoying breakfast, guests had the opportunity to walk down the line of currently available Lamborghini product like the Aventador S, Aventador SVJ, Huracan Evo, Huracan Performante and the SSUV Urus on display with a set of roof racks and the latest Akrapovic Racing Exhaust.  For McLaren guests were able to check out a few new models like the 600LT Spider in a striking green paint.

While no Porsche Pitstop can be complete without a few Porsches, Supercar Show OC brought out the best! Thank you to Lamborghini Newport Beach partners GMG Racing for bringing out the Porsche GT3R race car pair and thank you to our clients who registered with the 918 Spider in the Martini Livery and for the client that drove out their Carrera GT. With out the owners and fans there would be no Supercar Show OC!  But because there is, get ready for the next event! Coming up on Saturday July 6th at 1425 Baker Street, Costa Mesa CA 92626 we will be celebrating Ford of July! Own a Ford GT or know someone who does? Bring it out or invite them to join you for the next Supercar Show OC, the show #FueledByFans. To register your supercar today please click here. Interested in purchasing a new McLaren or Lamborghini for the next show? Please reach out to Sales@LamboNB.com or Sales@McLarenNB.com to learn more!

Danielle Penberthy