This year the car show you have all come to know and love over the last six years went through a bit of an overhaul.  From going digital with this website and social media presence on Instagram and Facebook, to officially being given a name and even its own logo, the show has been brought into the 21st century. But that’s not all… We’ve heard that the registration process is a bit fuzzy so please let us clear it for you!

Supercar Show OC, is a monthly Cars and Coffee event put on by the Newport Beach Automotive Group; home to Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, and McLaren.  Every first Saturday of the month we invite supercar owners from all over Southern California to join us by displaying their vehicles and for spectators to come out and enjoy!  The event is always free to enter, though there may be times where we encourage donations depending on the monthly theme. For example, every December, Newport Beach Automotive Group will be holding a toy drive.  So how does registration work? Well spectators don’t have to worry about it. If you plan on attending and are not arriving a vehicle that will be displayed, walk on in and enjoy! If you do plan on driving your own car, parking has been made available at Orange Coast College: 2701 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa, CA 9262; A shuttle service will be provided. As for supercar owners it’s a little different.  Each month, whether it be on this website, in an email, or on our social media presence of any of the brands, there will be a link for the registration site. Fill it out and you’re good to go to the event!

Now this is where we find confusion occuring. Upon arrival, you park your car and if you would like to go into the VIP lounge, this is where the registration comes in handy.  You check into the showroom with your QR code received upon registering, and you are given a wrist band. You can rewear the band to future events, but you will still need a QR code pertinent to the month in which you are attending.  So to simplify, plan on registering every month that you want to attend! If you did not purchase your supercar from the Newport Beach Automotive Group, we will ask you to provide the QR code in accompaniment of your vehicle key, simply for proof of ownership.  Spectators, this doesn’t mean we don’t want you to see our showroom and the vehicles on display, so we encourage you to drop by the showroom during the rest of the month! We are always happy to have visitors, and the vehicles will be much easier to view without the crowd.

As for the usual rules and regulations we’d like to put out a friendly reminder that revving and speeding is not behavior to be conducted while attending Supercar Show OC.  The safety of others, as well as yourself is of the utmost importance, so don’t be that guy! Spectators, these cars are some of the finest examples of race cars, vintage vehicles, custom builds, super cars, and hyper cars to exist on the face of this planet, so please appreciate them! Do not touch them, for example, sit on or lean on them.  Do not try to open them or sit inside of them unless the owner of the vehicle has specified otherwise. This event is to create a community, to bring the dreamers closer to reality, to give supercar owners a space to be surrounded with fellow owners and like minded people. To create that community in the most successful way possible we need all of your cooperation! 

Danielle Penberthy